With more than a decade of experience, LeakMaster’s team of experts is uniquely qualified to properly evaluate any leak test application. They begin the leak test instrumentation selection process by using that experience to analyze your particular application. The test pressure and reject leak rate of the application, point them in the direction of selecting the perfect leak test instrument for that application.


Once LeakMaster receives an order, one of their precision leak test instruments will be optimized for your particular application. For example: the optimum pressure transducer, flow sensor, or pressure regulator is selected and installed to ensure the most repeatable instrument is being provided for your particular leak test application.


Once LeakMaster has optimized the instrument for your application, it is sent it through a series of rigorous quality control checks. The leak tester will be run for several hundred cycles to ensure that it is repeatable and ready for a production environment.


The Final Product is an optimized air leak tester for the leak test application. When shipped, the leak test instrument has been quality verified and is ready for a rigorous production leak testing environment.