LeakMaster is a leader in the industry when it comes to the manufacturing of calibrated leak standards (calibrated leak orifices). Each leak standard is meticulously manufactured to a specific leak or flow rate at a predetermined pressure. The purpose of each leak standard is to teach, or calibrate a leak test program, and allow the leak test instrument to memorize the characteristics of a leaking part. Calibrated leaks are also introduced into production parts to simulate a “leaking or failed” part condition. LeakMaster provides recertification services for all of our leak standards as well as other manufacturers calibrated leaks.

Our trained calibration technicians follow very strict ISO 17025 quality control procedures to insure a proper calibration, documentation, and manufacturing process.

All LeakMaster leak standards are provided with calibration certificates traceable to N.I.S.T. standards.

LeakMaster Orifice Standards

+/- 1.5% Uncertainty
Pressure Ranges from -14 to 150 PSIG
Flow Rates from .5 to 100,000 sccm
15 and 20 micron equivalent leaks available
Stainless Steel and Aluminum Construction

Low flow calibrated leak standard

LeakMaster low flow 10-32 thread calibrated leak standard. Flow rates from .5 sccm up to 1,000 sccm. This style of leak is used with all Defender and 700 Series instruments.

High flow calibrated leak standard

LeakMaster High flow CPC quick connect calibrated leak standard. Flow rates from 1,000 sccm up to 100 SLPM. This style of leak is used with all UltraFlow instruments.

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