LeakMaster believes communication is key to customer satisfaction. The moment your order is placed, a timeline is developed and you are familiarized with the leaders of each division who have been assigned to your project, via a letter of introduction. You’ll get to know your Mechanical Design Lead, Controls Engineering Lead, and Lead Builder, each of whom are assigned to your project by the project manager. The Project Manager then remains in constant contact with you, updating timelines and reporting machine status on a regular basis. This line of communication remains open between you and the Project Manager to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your project.


Before LeakMaster’s leak testing equipment is ever built, each mechanical aspect is created “virtually” by their accomplished mechanical engineers, utilizing Solidworks 3D CAD design software. This software allows them to make sure every mechanical aspect meets precise specifications in order to produce a superior leak testing instrument. You are assured that each machine is dependable and precise since LeakMaster’s mechanical engineers are responsible for designing every mechanical aspect of each turnkey piece of equipment.


LeakMaster’s Controls Engineers design and program the “heartbeat” of the leak testing system. Utilizing AutoCad software, they meticulously design all electrical and pneumatic drawings for every piece of leak testing equipment. Once the design is complete, they will be responsible for the programming, debugging, and startup of the PLC and HMI on each individual machine, ensuring each leak testing machine’s dependability and long service life.


LeakMaster’s machining department prides itself on being able to produce extremely complex tooling, in house. Utilizing MasterCam with our machining centers and working closely with the Mechanical Engineering Lead and the Lead Builder you are assured that all details are expertly machined according to strict engineering specifications.


LeakMaster does not believe in shortcuts. Their experienced machine builders build every machine from the ground up, working hand in hand with the Mechanical Engineering Lead. This collaborative effort ensures that that each machine is built perfectly and functions the way that it was engineered to.


The electrical panels for each LeakMaster machine could be considered the “heart” of the machine. LeakMaster’s Electricians are specialists in industrial control wiring and are not only responsible for building the electrical panels for each machine, but for wiring all devices on each piece of equipment. They also work closely with LeakMaster’s Controls Engineering lead to make sure all wiring is up to code.


LeakMaster’s Final Product is a precise automated leak testing solution that is customized to your specific needs and arrives ready for production leak testing. To ensure quality, every machine must pass a Cgk capability and Gage R&R test before shipment and all machines are proven to be OSHA safety compliant prior to delivery. If necessary, LeakMaster’s leak test experts can be available to install the machine and train the proper personnel, when your machine arrives.