The best businesses are formed when people provide a creative solution to an existing problem. In 2005, Barry Money and Greg Rider realized that the manufacturing industry was in need of an extremely fast and repeatable air leak testing system. LeakMaster was formed to provide a solution to that need. In 2006, they began developing and refining the first generation of LeakMaster air leak testing instruments and, over the past decade, have continued to refine their instruments by incorporating the latest technological advances and digital innovations. Today, LeakMaster is considered an industry leader in providing non-destructive leak testing equipment to the global marketplace. LeakMaster  air leak testers and automated leak testing systems have become invaluable to those in the Automotive and Heavy Equipment industries as well as in the testing of Engines, Drive Trains, Offroad and ATV components, Consumer Products and Medical Devices. Please browse our website, then, contact us and let our experienced team of experts work with you to provide a solution for your need.

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